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🚨How did you start your business?🚨

gabriela profile image Gabi ・1 min read

🚨How did you start your business?🚨

Did you do it in parallel with another job?
Did you have EU funding, personal funding?
Were you profitable from the start?

✍️Looking to create a thread of insights from people that tried to build something.

Thank you so much for sharing.


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Spyros Argalias

Business is hard (at least for me)...

Got a few:

They started slowly, along with a full-time job. Small businesses with friends and family (which are fine to work with in my experience, as long as you're all reasonable). Personal funding, just a couple hundred pounds for things like website hosting and some plugins for core features and stuff.


  1. Think of an initial product offering. Normally this arises out of passion.
  2. Build the website and a way to sell. For my small businesses, I always use WordPress or Shopify, even though I've worked on fully custom code for large enterprises. Goal is to progress the business and launch quickly, not to take 1 year to build things custom. Plus your customers don't care what you use. If there are technical limitations, you can remake the website later.
  3. Launch, no sales.
  4. Keep improving things in order of priority over time.
  5. Sales (hopefully) keep growing.
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Gabi Author

I really liked this. You are awesome! Thank you for openly sharing and being real about how things go in business. Normally, you can find very easy successes stories, but the years of trying and failing or having different types of success (dependant on each person) are not mainstream. It should be!
Good luck with the new launch!

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Spyros Argalias

Thanks very much! Yes, maybe working hard and growing slowly over time are more common than overnight success but they probably don't make the news as easily :).