Can you help me with some feedback on my CV, please?

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Hello, I am in the great and interesting time of looking for a job, ideally, it was remotely until these past weeks, but at this point, I am looking locally as well. The options are not that many.

Do you think you can check it out and give me some feedback, please? Any comments are welcomed.

I have used LinkedIn for the past years, but recently I have had questions about my CV, so I need to update it and have it ready.

Thank you very much for your time and comments.

Just another freaked out developer.

P.S I messed up, I shared the old version, this is the new version:

Update: After a lot of useful feedback I have updated my CV and you can check it out here: http://www.gabrielaradu.me/static/media/GabrielaRaduCV.d6c204a8.pdf

There is always room for improvement, so if you spot something that is not right or something is missing, please leave a comment below.

Thank you again to everyone that helped me out, and I hope i can return the favour and give feedback on other people's CV. Add below the link to your CV!

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Remote software developer playing with Java, SpringBoot, JavaScript and React.Js. Love creating useful products for people and always taking time for other creative hobbies.


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In my opinion, I think you have too much text. Try to reduce your work experience to max 3 most relevant to the position. A resume template will greatly improve your resume so the reader have some space to "breathe". Most HR and recruiters don't know the technical stuff you wrote in your work description. Try to bring up what you contributed with and how it helped the company. Wish you good luck!


The trick is HR and Managers would like to see the value you're bringing to their company. So, if I were you, I would add something like this "increased their sale 5%, help team organize better, etc.".
Everything else looks great. Wish you good look.


Thanks. I know this idea, of what is the impact, unfortunately some companies don't even provide more information even beyond "I need this method". Staying away from places like this now.



I'd be happy to help you with your resume. I took a look at the one you've built. How would you like me to provide feedback?


Some high level stuff:

  • I think your overall format can be adjusted to highlight your strengths. I'd emphasize your skills and experience primarily. So drop the personal statement. I can show you examples of what I'm talking about.
  • Create a section for skills and move the skills from your experience there. Tailor that list to the job you're applying to
  • For work experience you want to emphasize the value, outcome, or impact you had, not the task you performed.
  • References - "Available upon request"

I'm happy to go into a lot more specifics. I also wrote a book on getting sw a job that covers this. I can send the chapter on resumes to you as well.


Hi, thanks so much for this. It helps a lot. I actually had to update the link to the CV because i shared the older version. Sorry. Regarding the volume, impact, I am sorry to say but most of my work life data about this was not shared in any way with the team. But i understand what you are saying and will think of a different way to say it.

It is usually tricky to start with those things. You can sometimes find things like:

  • Intended user base
  • Technical load
  • Improved quality (Defects)
  • Core business problem you solved (You have some of this already)
  • Cost reduction (Optimizing scale/load, cloud?)

Awesome points. I didn't think of that so far. Thank you!


Hello Gabriela 👋🏼

Are you still looking for feedback? I get a message saying that the file is already in your Drive's trash 🤪


Hey, thank you so much for wanting to help. I got a lot of feedback and changed a lot and closed the share very late yesterday. If you still want to take a look, you can find it here: gabrielaradu.me/static/media/Gabri...

I will update the post as well.