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Introducing the Frontity Public Roadmap Page

We're excited to share with you the Frontity Roadmap page: a new page where you can learn more about Frontity's public roadmap and how to keep track of the framework updates.

A step towards more transparency

During last year we shipped more than 20 releases, including features and packages to make adding functionality to your Frontity projects easier. We also improved the Feature Discussions category of the community forum to explain the meaning of each feature status.

However, we know that it was still not easy to keep track of what we're going to be shipping. We have to admit that there is room for improvement in the way we communicate the roadmap and what you can expect from Frontity.

The main goal of having this page is to share our internal planning for features development and give as much visibility as possible. We're aware that with more transparency into what we're building, Frontity users, partners, and agencies can also plan better.

We're continuously improving Frontity and shipping new features with a strong focus on quality. The Roadmap page will be maintained and reviewed on a quarterly basis accordingly. It contains the features we're working on to release in the coming months, and the "why" behind each (the goals those new features are addressing).

Why a mid-term roadmap

A long-term roadmap is usually a less specific plan that paints a picture of where the product might go. While our vision and product strategy is clear, we cannot give precise dates nor guarantee specific features in the long-term.

A short or mid-term roadmap is not 100% fixed either. Obviously things happen and priorities may shift. As an open-source project, there are also bugs and issues that need to be fixed on a regular basis. However, we feel that it's a more accurate roadmap, with a summary of real and tangible goals that will help give the community greater visibility into what's next.

What's coming in Frontity

As you can see from the new page, during the next months we'll be focused on features such as the server extensibility, the Frontity WordPress plugin, and the version 2.0 of the source package, among others.

All of them will bring significant developer experience improvements. Others are specifically designed to improve the framework core. We believe this will ease the development and integration of other Frontity packages in the future.

The Frontity roadmap is the result of an ongoing discovery and prioritization process that involves user interviews and feedback from publishers, partners, and those who use the product.

If you are a Frontity user and want to help shape the roadmap, please feel free to join the community forum and share your feedback and suggestions with us. We are constantly looking for ways to make the experience with Frontity the best it can be, so we highly value all input.

Stay in the loop

Apart from the roadmap, we also included some resources where you can keep track of our work, stay informed about what's new, and get involved. In summary:

Feature Discussions

These are conversations where we research and discuss the implementations of a feature. The idea of each FD is to give you more information and details about a feature and its status. They are public so everyone is welcome to join in and share feedback. You also can suggest new features by opening a new topic, or vote for those which you are most interested in.


In general, you can expect a new release every 15 days, although this time may vary slightly depending on the features which need to be finished. To be notified when new releases or features are out, you can subscribe to the Releases forum category or to the 'Released' tag instead (this way you will be only notified of the features that are tagged as 'released').

Alternatively, in order to stay up-to-date with the most important updates, community projects, and content surrounding the framework, you can always subscribe to the newsletter.


The dev team organizes their work in sprints of 4 weeks, and divides it into specific tasks. To know what they are currently working on, take a look at the GitHub boards or at the summary of the sprint that's in progress in the community forum.

We hope you can have more visibility on upcoming features with the new Roadmap page, and that it helps you build successful projects with Frontity.

If you have any questions or comments about the Roadmap page, feel free to share them here.

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