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How to Localize Banner Ad Campaign

Depending on your industry, the language of communication with potential clients can be more or less important. Every content must be in the language with which your users feel most comfortable.

Translating your banner advertisement into other languages can really impact the effectiveness of your marketing creatives.

In this article, we’re not only going to provide some advice on translating advertising creatives, but also show you how to make this process much more streamlined. For more tech-savvy marketers, I will show how to easily manage HTML translations of banners and how to automatically display the appropriate language version.

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Hi there, we encourage authors to share their entire posts here on DEV, rather than mostly pointing to an external link. Doing so helps ensure that readers don’t have to jump around to too many different pages, and it helps focus the conversation right here in the comments section.

If you choose to do so, you also have the option to add a canonical URL directly to your post.

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Fischerbach Author

I understand. But the editor here is quite inconvenient, especially if you have dozens of articles to upload.

In addition, the layout of the articles is also a bit different. Therefore, before I invest the effort to copy the full content here (along with source codes, iframes and the rest of this interactive stuff), I want to see if it will be rewarding at all. If it will be - I'm going to do it.