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Release of Node.js 22 [Live] What is new?!

The future of JavaScript development takes a leap forward with the release of Node.js 22, introducing groundbreaking features such as native WebSocket support and the ability to require() ES modules. This release marks a significant milestone, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with JavaScript on the server side. We love to develop software using Node and Javascript in general and looks we will love it more.

Exciting New Features in Node.js 22

Node.js 22 arrives packed with enhancements that promise to improve your development experience. Key updates include the integration of the V8 JavaScript engine version 12.4, which brings features like WebAssembly Garbage Collection and improved Set methods. Notably, the release introduces a built-in WebSocket client, eliminating the need for external libraries for real-time web communications.

Quick video summary for what is new

Transitioning to Long-Term Support

While Node.js 22 will initially be in the "Current" release category, it is set to transition to Long-Term Support (LTS) in October. This phase is crucial for developers to test and adapt their applications with the new features, ensuring stability and performance before the LTS period commences.

Dive into the Changelog

For those interested in the specifics, the changelog of Node.js 22 offers a glimpse into the minor updates and bug fixes that complement the major features. This release doesn't just add new capabilities but also enhances the existing ones, reflecting the continuous effort to refine the platform. For a comprehensive understanding, check the release post on the Node.js blog.

How to Get Node.js 22

Ready to start experimenting with the new features? Download Node.js 22.0.0 directly from Node.js’s official download page. Dive into the new enhancements and tailor your applications to leverage these latest advancements.

V8 Engine Upgrade and Maglev Compiler

The update to V8 version 12.4 and the activation of the Maglev Compiler by default underline significant performance boosts, particularly for CLI tools. These improvements showcase the project's commitment to enhancing JavaScript execution efficiency.

Enhanced Module Handling and Script Execution

Node.js 22 also introduces better handling of ES modules and a new feature for running package.json scripts directly via the command line, streamlining development workflows.

WebSocket and File Matching

The inclusion of a stable, browser-compatible WebSocket implementation and new file matching functions (glob and globSync) in Node.js expands its capabilities, making it an even more versatile tool for developers.

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