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Ad Verification: How to Check Display Advertising Quality?

Does IP quality matter?

Digital display advertising relies on the real-time exchange of ad impressions. In the programmatic ecosystem, each page visit could be monetized through an auction between the publisher (seller) and advertisers (buyers).

They make transactions through private deals, real-time auctions, or a hybrid of the two. Despite generally positive market adoption (in the U.S. share of programmatic reached 85% of all spendings), advertisers still have doubts due to the complexity and opacity of certain mechanisms.

The purchase of ad impressions is characterised by an information asymmetry, to the advantage of publishers. As the display advertising market grows, there is a stronger temptation to defraud advertisers’ money by exploiting these complexities.

Today, using a similar tool, we will take a closer look at the display campaign purchased in the programmatic system and do basic ad verification using IP information.

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