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Participating in Devtober 2021

You can skip this portion as this will be just me venting here.

Its been a long time since I've posted a blog here. A lot has been going on in my life right now. Still in on the purpose of trying to land that first job, but of course I've gone through a bit of a burnout of applying for jobs again. I have also taken a break from programming the past couple months, so I feel rusty in trying to get that workflow back. It just doesn't help either when I have family who just doesn't believe in me for these goals to have that moral support, so it's tough to really maintain my mind set for this.

Alright, so I have decided to start Devtober, which started the beginning of this month. I will be continuing a game project I actually started for a different game jam back in July but didn't finish. My goal is actually wanting to finish this game by the end of this month, especially since I feel I am almost finished with it.

Maliksi Title


A 2D Action Platformer Boss Rush game where you play as Malik, an Eskrimador, who must retrieve the stolen light from Filipino mythological-inspired creatures to save the village.

Maliksi Gameplay

I have been working on the art, programming, sound design, and music. I am learning Unreal Engine with unreal blueprinting (not C++ because I don't feel ready or comfortable in the language yet). Which it took me awhile to get used to visual programming.


I am using Wwise to implement the sound effects and music.


I'm keeping my scope as tight as I can in order to finish this game. I still need to polish one of the boss fights, but the final boss still needs the functionality and mechanics implemented.

Things that I need to work on for this last push for this month:

  • polish one of the boss fight's mechanics
  • final boss still needs functionality & mechanics implemented
  • Waiting for musicians to record their parts for the music so I can start mixing
  • Implement the music into the game
  • Few more sound effects to design
  • Slowly implementing sounds in each level
  • Ending still needs to be created

1st Video Footage

2nd Video Footage

I want to publicize this to hold myself accountable to finish this game. I did participate in Devtober 2020, but I never finished that game, but this one, this one for sure I want to complete, since I've been working on this one for a long time already. Plus, it is also Filipino American History Month, and this game showcases my Filipino culture that I have incorporated into this.

If you want to participate in this game jam, here is the link to the

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