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Using ChatGPT to learn anything

Hi everybody! This is my first post here at!
I can see how useful the new technologies in the IA field are. I really believe that we’re living a time where a lot of things will change. And, it 's awesome!
Today, I’m here to talk about one impressive thing the chatGPT can do: to teach! Some weeks ago, my friend and I were wanting to learn new frameworks. We choose react. Well, looking for a course or tutorials, I had one idea: if chatGPT is able to teach us? It was, more than surprisingly, very able to.

With a command, it gave us all the step-to-step, study list, timeline, and a complete study plan to learn anything. I’ve been using it to learn frameworks, and… french!

A command like:

ChatGPT, give me a complete study list, with timelines and steps, for learning French. Focusing on conversation and vocabulary

With this command I get study steps based on weeks, what I should study in each week, and more additional tips. And ChatGPT can teach me grammar and vocabulary!

But, aways remember: read the official documentation and check the informations are aways necessary.

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