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How Do You (Unconventionally) Use ChatGPT?

Do you have an unusual or creative way of using ChatGPT for learning, working, entertainment, or anything else? Share with us!

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grimkillingbeck profile image

Not ChatGPT but I use Bard AI/ Gemini because I feel the answers sound more "human". Later this afternoon, I have an interview, so I asked it to act as my interviewer for the company, which position and pasted in the job description. I instructed it to give me a question , I will answer and it is to advise me on how I can improve my answer so that I can convey my experience properly.

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Matthew Daly

I find it really good for finding potential optimisations for database queries. Give it the structure of the relevant database tables and the output of an EXPLAIN of the query and it's often able to find good opportunities for improving the query performance.

hmahjabeen profile image
Hasin Mahjabeen

I agree with this one. But I am afraid it might kill our thinking productivity one day!

kigazon profile image
Josef Held

To answer that, I'd like to know what is considered the conventional way.

I personally work with my custom GPTs, which I made myself. Each one does a different job, like an employee.

But I don't know if that is considered "unconventional".

miketalbot profile image
Mike Talbot ⭐ • Edited

I talk to it in the bath, have long ranging conversations about programming ideas and solution architectures. I'd say it was non-conventional, but I understand Sam also does this!

I use ChatGPT in my solution a lot for solving NLP kind of problems, there I tend to get it to write its own prompts using the normal web interface, then I correct it and embed it in my code, as I describe here:

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Matt Vaughn • Edited

Here are a few things that I use ChatGPT for, I’m not sure if they are unconventional or not.

  1. One of the first things that I do is to create a custom instruction profile. This allows me to specify things like you are a solutions architect …. This allows me to specify things like you are a solutions architect and an Angular expert that specializes in an Nx workspace, type script, NGRX, etc.
  2. Sometimes I ask it to compare two different things. For example, two different packages or frameworks. Provide me a matrix that compares and contrast the capabilities. Give me the pros and cons of each package or framework
  3. Sometimes I will ask ChatGPT to give me three or five “innovative” ways to do something…
  4. Recently, I will provide ChatGPT with some of my research in markdown format. I will ask for it to create me a presentation outline using Marpa. This will let me create a PDF or a HTML presentation using markdown. I also asked it to create Dolly prompts for images and graphics for the presentation Using each subheading as a topic for the image.
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Jason Stitt

My unconventional workflow is to use ChatGPT on my phone to have it write code for me while I'm out anywhere and then come back later and assemble/fix it all. It actually makes (some) development on a phone viable.

jaloplo profile image
Jaime López

I, sometimes, use it to enjoy reading a story. You can ask to generate a new story of 500 words about an adventure in a fantasy epic scenario.

anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal

There are so many awesome ways:

One could be reverse psychology on finding fault with my code. It helps to understand issues and make it better :)

litlyx profile image
Antonio | CEO at

We use Open AI to have an AI Data Analyst Assistant in our product