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Tree Ways to Scroll to an Element using Angular

Fernando Raposo da Camara Silva
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Recently I was implementing in Angular a requirement that demanded the following:

"After pressing a button, if some specific data is returned, present a warning with a link saying that the specific data exists. After clicking on that link, scroll down to the grid containing the data".

First, I tried the simplest solution, which was the use of DOM commands like Element.scrollIntoView(), or
behavior: "smooth",
block: "start",
inline: "nearest"

(Remeber to add id="<yourtarget" where you want to scroll)
It worked on development, and it was quite easy, but after deploying to production environment I noticed that the scroll was not working!

So, I tried another way, using Angular's ViewportScroller.
In order to do that, you have to inject ViewportScroller at Component's constructor, like constructor(private scroller: ViewportScroller) and just call this.scroller.scrollToAnchor("<yourTarget>");. Again, no big deal, and again it was NOT WORKING on production environment.

The third way to do it, is to use Router to provide navigation to the anchor I wanted. Similarly to the last option, inject Router to constructor, like constructor(private router: Router), and use the command:
this.router.navigate([], { fragment: "<yourTarget>" });
Finally it DID WORK on production environment! I don't know for sure why the previous methods failed, I read some sources that says Angular Material blocks scrolling, but I'm not sure.
In order to present the different options there's a Stackblitz as an example.
There you can click on tree buttons, each one using a different method to scroll down to some anchor.

Hope it helps someone :)

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Paul Leppard

Helped me, thanks. I'm looking at building elearning which has sections hidden until you click the continue button, then it scrolls down to the next section. Needed a setTimeout for it to scroll to previously hidden divs but works very nicely. Thanks.

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Fernando Raposo da Camara Silva Author

you're welcome!