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Jam of Javascript : 10 days 10 projects!🔥

Hey there, fellow code adventurers! 🚀 Have you ever wanted to level up your JavaScript skills while having a blast along the way? Well, hold onto your keyboards because I've got something exciting to share with you!

The Challenge Unveiled!
I've decided to embark on a wild 10-day JavaScript coding challenge, and trust me, it's going to be legendary! From building funky character and words counters to whipping up your very own digital portfolio

Day 1: Character and Words Counter
I kicked off my JavaScript journey by delving into the character and words counter project. Building a web application that accurately counted characters and words was the perfect introduction to JavaScript coding. It set the stage for the challenges that lay ahead.

Day 2: Speech to Text
Day two brought the thrilling task of creating a speech-to-text converter. I dived headfirst into the world of browser-based speech recognition, developing an application that transcribed spoken words into text. It was a game-changer, opening up new possibilities for interaction.

Day 3: To-Do List
Here is most basic yet popular the to-do list project. Create a to-do list application that allows users to add, remove, and mark tasks as complete. this project teach me DOM manipulation

Day 4: Quotes Generator
Inspiration was in the air on day four with the quotes generator project. Creating an application that randomly generated quotes was a breath of fresh air. Help me to learn use of fetch

Day 5: Menu List
Day five brought a delicious challenge with the menu list project. Crafting an application that showcased food items with descriptions was a feast for the senses. So this help me to learn the magic of javascript in plain html/css

Day 6: Form Validation
Data integrity took center stage on day six as I tackled the form validation project, So this is simple yet important thing because form is basic thing for any webisite. It taught me the importance of maintaining data accuracy.

Day 7: Recipe
Culinary delights awaited on day seven with the recipe project. Building an application that allowed me to explore and search for recipes was a treat for the taste buds. It combined my love for coding with my passion for cooking, creating a truly enjoyable experience.

Day 8: Movie App
Day eight brought the magic of cinema with the movie app project. Developing an application that fetched data from an API and displayed information about movies was a cinematic adventure. Learn the use of open source APIs.

Day 9: Budget App
Financial empowerment was the focus on day nine with the budget app project. Crafting a tool that helped me manage expenses and incomes was both practical and empowering. It provided a tangible example of how coding skills can positively impact everyday life.

Day 10: Portfolio
The journey reached its climax on day ten with the portfolio project. Creating a personal portfolio website to showcase my projects and skills was a moment of pride. It marked the culmination of my 10-day JavaScript adventure and signaled the beginning of new coding endeavour.

I know you all need this after reading whole blog 😁!
Live :
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Wrapping Up
Reflecting on my 10-day JavaScript adventure fills me with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. Each project presented its own challenges and rewards, shaping me into a more confident and capable coder.
I'm excited to continue my coding journey,
follow for many more adventures in the world of JavaScript and beyond! 💻✨

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Femil Savaliya

This is awesome projects for beginners 👌👌👌

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