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Best Websites to Find Free Angular Templates

This is a roundup of the best websites where you can find and download free Angular templates. Using ready-made packages as foundations for your work can save time and elevate design.

There are many template creators in the online space. Here is why those mentioned below stand out from the crowd:

  • Templates are offered free for both personal and commercial use
  • Items look modern and are presented with the mandatory Live Preview
  • You are not required more than an email address or signup to download


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HTMLrev (free) is a gallery that showcases a wide range of free templates for web developers. The Angular category showcases the best work of generous template creators around the world. You will find tons of dashboards based on Tailwind, Bootstrap and more.


  • Showcases the best templates created by top makers
  • Constantly updated with new templates
  • Easy to browse among categories

Creative Tim

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Creative Tim (free + paid) is an established template provider probably known by any developer that's freelancing or building products. They are specialized in admin dashboard and UI kits. The Angular templates are professionally designed and feature multiple advanced components.


  • Code and documentation in a class of their own
  • Focused on dashboards and UI Kits


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CodedThemes (free + paid) provides an impressive library of HTML templates for web apps. The free Angular category spoils developers with a considerable number of dashboard templates. They're meticulously crafted to look amazing and feel production-ready smooth.


  • Superbly designed items with many advanced components
  • Website is a joy to navigate with no pesky ads


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WrapPixel (free + paid) is an established template maker focused on dashboards and web app interfaces. They generously offer a set of free Angular templates that will exceed your expectations. You get to choose from a wide range of design styles between casual and corporate looks.


  • Professionally designed and coded templates
  • Free items are just as good as pro ones

Salvia Kit

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Salvia Kit (free) is a fine collection of free Angular dashboard templates for web developers. The packages enable users to create good looking and efficient interfaces for all sorts of web apps. There are different visual styles available and multiple components.


  • Highly focused on admin dashboard templates
  • Consistent design and code quality

To assemble this roundup I've went through all imaginable online sources where templates can be found. I hope it makes your work easier.

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madza profile image

Haven't yet tried Angular myself, but these templates for it look awesome! πŸ‘πŸ’―

lilxyzz profile image

Another great resource, thank you!

devluc profile image

My pleasure Travis. Thank you also for the positive feedback. I appreciate it