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Pleasure Monkey: The Parable of Routines

Complacency could be very deadly. And routines could be comforting. Here is the parable of the Pleasure Monkey

So, there once lived the pleasure monkey🐒 who was tired of seeing the angry bird🦜 rant about nature's injustice. He suggested to her jumping, hopping and getting high on trees🌴.
And they both did, feeling so fly, hung over on the highest tree🌴. And then, the angry bird grabbed the banana🍌 offered by the pleasure monkey and choked it in her mouth.
And she spoke no more😶.

And then the pleasure monkey🐒 reproduced its kind by sharing his bananas🍌🍌🍌. And the earth🌏 was ridden with pleasure and none saw the need for survival nor improvement. With that, nature witnessed no biological evolution and man👨‍🦱 was never formed.
And then the pleasure monkey🐒 ruled the world.

And then the pleasure monkey🐒 reigned for a long time. But the bananas🍌🍌🍌 he offered stopped bringing pleasure. The screams:🔊 of pains became louder and the cries escalated. And there was a plot to get rid of him by the angry bird🦜, the pussy cat🐈 and the elephant🐘 in the room.
But the pleasure monkey🐒 got to know about the plan and he finally released. Released his anger! And moments later in the room, there were skeletons☠️ in the cupboard.

And then the pleasure monkey🐒 was feared but not respected. The evils he did, heard and unheard🙉 of, seen but unseen🙈 were never spoken about🤫.
But the curious tortoise🐢 knew he deserved better and left his world travelling slow but steadily in search of happiness with a heavy load on him. And on the 9th month of his sojourn, premium🎁 was born.

So the pleasure monkey🐒 decided to journey past its comfort zone🛏️ and go premium🎁. He had heard of the curious Tortoise🐢 premium trips despite its slow speed and wanted to see for himself. But the journey to premium🎁 was far. So, he got high on the highest tree🌴 fantasizing and trying to gaze👁️ at premium. But he couldn't. Because the tree🌴 was his comfort zone🛏️

And then the pleasure monkey🐒 became worried😟 about the future - especially the fate of his possible generation as he watched his bananas🍌🍌 shrink and decline.
He decided to let go of what's left of his bananas and exchange for knowledge on banana trees🌴.
And for the first time - the pleasure monkey🐒 felt pain.

And then the pleasure monkey🐒 decided to journey past its comfort zone🛏️ once again and go premium🛏️. While he journeyed, he felt a sudden overwhelming urge. But with instant gratification comes instant restropection🤔.
So he came to his senses🤯, being sure of his needs. Which is to come to his senses again🤯. And over again🤯.
And then he realised his journey🚡 has just begun.

And then the pleasure monkey🐒 was stressed. He had grown weary😰 proving he wasn't the ugly. He has done😰 quite a lot to be what he is not. He wondered🤔 whether you have to do, to be. But he realised that you do, to do.

And then the pleasure monkey🐒 did more. To him - more of more😬. But more or less turned out more of less😓. But just before he was about to give up😢. He took one last breathe and looked up seeing a man's👨‍🦱 face. That man👨‍🦱 was me.

And then the pleasure monkey🐒 came to me👨‍🦱 and said, "Hey, Why don't you go bananas🍌🍌🍌?" It was then I knew how much you can been ridden with pleasure. And not feel the pain.

-Femi's Nuggets.

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