What kind of programming tutorials do you prefer? Videos or text?

faraazahmad profile image Syed Faraaz Ahmad ・1 min read

What kind of programming tutorials do you prefer? Videos or text?

I personally prefer using text/blog based tutorials because I can approach them at my own (variable) speed and have the ability to copy text from it. And even though I can increase the speed of the video tutorial, I find it a bit annoying.

So what do you prefer? Video or text? and why?


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Text is ideal but my all-time favorite is video tutorials with downloadable (or at least search/scrollable) transcripts. That way I can have the example in the video but the raw instructions in text. Frontend Masters does a great job with this.


Text mostly. In videos there is always plenty of unnecessary talk.
But sometimes, when I have a problem with some app, I rather prefer video, because it shows, where is the option I need. Tex based tutorials often has only paths that are outdated.


i am a textbook person so i prefer with the text and some interactive video learning to support the theory
i really dont like full video tutorial it was really boooooring so yeah... even though i bought many tutorial vids on udemy, yeah still ...


Jupyter Notebooks, so text, code, and video snippets laid out for testing, hacking, and splunking. It avoids the '40 minutes of YouTube' problem, the boilerplate on installation, and allows little side-quests.


I prefer both since I'm a visual person. I comes down to how it is presented?


Text by default so I can scan and copy-paste :) But videos can provide a more in-depth explanation that would be too long and tiring in text. Plus you can watch videos on a training bike! 🚴‍♂️


In videos .. searching is difficult... So text mostly.. but videos have succinct gist of the subject


Text. Most videos are too boring and hard to mark my location to get back to later. Also, I can skim text tutorials to refresh my understanding instead of having to really go over the entirety again.


Videos. I just like the explanation going through each line of code on the video


It depends on my mood, my location, etc. I think it's like comparing movies with books. The movie takes less time to consume while the book gives you a deeper insight.


Wow that is such a good analogy! this makes so much sense