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Post-COVID design, AI in Figma, Chrome vision — and more UX this week

Post-COVID design, AI in Figma, Chrome vision — and more UX this week

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A different perspective.

  • Running & Black → Why has it been easier to talk about runner’s safety for white women than for runners of color?
  • Theirtube → What Youtube looks like for people on the other side of the political spectrum.
  • Post-COVID design → Fabricio Teixeira talks to Randy Fisher about learnings from remote working.

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Stories from the community

Let’s talk about that GPT-3 Figma plugin that shook designers to the core

By Jonathan Lee

Why is designing for inclusion still treated as optional?

By Karishma Patel

What I learned after 2 years failing to build a fintech startup

By Soren Iverson

One step beyond

By Alejo Romano

Designers: stop disparaging other design

By Ryan Houk

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Featured work: PJ Harper

Tools & resources

  • Wavium → Easily create and customize a newsletter.
  • Spreadsimple → Website management with Google Sheets.
  • UI naming → A guide to standardize UI components naming.
  • Chrome vision → Emulate vision deficiencies with Chrome (new)

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