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Fabio Biondi
Fabio Biondi

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React: Zustand, Valtio and Jotai/Recoil - State Management Strategies in React - Pt #2

In the previous video we have analyzed a lot of functionalities provided by the React library.
And as we have seen, they are often useful for managing the local state of a component and its direct children.

In this video we’ll see some of the most famous state managers (Zustand, Valtio, Jotai / Recoil) for the global state management, useful for example to share the state across components on different branches of the application or when we use a router and we need to share something between several pages.


00:00 Introduction
01:24 Zustand
03:25 Valtio
04:42 Jotai / Recoil

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