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Fabio Biondi
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Angular Standalone components - CheatSheet

Standalone components are one of the features that have definitely simplified the use of Angular.
They have been available since version 14 of the framework and, version after version, they have been further enhanced and improved.

Since Angular v.16, the Input decorator supports several new features, including:

➡️ "required": enforce that a given input must have a value
➡️ "alias": change the name of an input in templates
➡️ "transform (fn)": transform the input value
➡️ "transform (booleanAttribute)": coearcing values to boolean
➡️ "transform (numberAttribute)": coearcing values to number

But in the next releases of Angular we will have a fantastic news:
the input signals! 😍

Stay tuned!

oh I was forgetting... 😅
I attach a simple cheatsheet to list some of them

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João Angelo

Hi Fabio Biondi,
Your article is very cool
Thanks for sharing