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Beginners journey: programming with python 0.

Starting your journey as a programmer with the python programming language, probably suggested by a friend, family member, or just plain curiosity, welcome to my blogging channel which I would be uploading once a week. Be sure to start tuned and not miss the next update.
But first,
What is python programming language?

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Python is one of the most user-friendly high-level programming languages which is easy to use and can be used in several different areas such as data science, data analysis, machine learning, web development, and so on.

Why python?
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Python has been present for about 31 years now and its use is widely recognized in several companies and organizations. Based on the linked-in job posting in US and Europe, python programming experts are one of the most required in companies and businesses.

So what now?
Interested? Stay tuned and find out more
Next week we begin officially
Starting with a simple "Hello, world" statement
See you there.

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