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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 for ExamPro

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FREE 3 Hour Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Certification Course (100+ Videos!) 😱

I'm Andrew Brown, I create free study courses, so everyone can learn the cloud.

This time I am bringing you a Study Course designed to help you pass the AZ-900. The AZ-900 is the entry-level certification to Microsoft Azure.

Most Videos are part of a Video Youtube Playlist

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☁️ Introduction
🎤 Why should I get the AZ-900?
🎤 Exam Guide Walkthrough

☁️ Cloud Concepts
🎤 What is Cloud Computing?
🎤 Common Cloud Services
🎤 What is Microsoft and Azure?
🎤 Benefits of Cloud Computing
🎤 Types of Cloud Computing
🎤 Types of Cloud Computing Responsibilities
🎤 Cloud Deployment Models
🎤 Total Cost of Ownership
🎤 Cloud Architecture Terminologies
🎤 High Availability
🎤 High Scalability
🎤 High Elasticity
🎤 Fault Tolerance
🎤 High Durability

☁️ Evolution of Compute
🎤 Dedicated Servers
🎤 Virtual Machines
🎤 Containers
🎤 Functions

☁️ Global Infrastructure
🎤 Regions and Geographies
🎤 Paired Regions
🎤 Region Types and Service Availability
🎤 Special Regions
🎤 Availability Zones
🎤 AZ Supported Regions
🎤 Availability Sets Fault and Update Domains

☁️ Getting Started Follow Along
⌨️ Creating an Azure Account

☁️ Technology Overview
🎤 Computing Services
🎤 Storage Services
🎤 Database Services
🎤 Application Integration
🎤 Developer and Mobile Tools
🎤 Azure DevOps Services
🎤 Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
🎤 Azure Quickstart Templates
🎤 vNets and Subnets
🎤 Cloud-Native Networking Services
🎤 Enterprise/Hybrid Networking Services
🎤 Azure Traffic Manager
🎤 Azure DNS
🎤 Azure Load Balancer
🎤 Scale Sets
🎤 IoT Services
🎤 Big Data and Analytics Services
🎤 AI/ML Services Introduction
🎤 AI/ML Services
🎤 Serverless Services

☁️ Azure Management Tools
🎤 Azure Portal
🎤 PowerShell
🎤 Visual Studio Code
🎤 Cloud Shell
🎤 Azure CLI

☁️ Follow Alongs
⌨️ Create a Resource Group
⌨️ Create a vNet
⌨️ Launching a Server
⌨️ Creating a Azure Function
⌨️ Storing files in Blob Storage
⌨️ Exploring Azure Cloud Shell

☁️ Security
🎤 Azure Trust Center
🎤 Compliance Programs
🎤 Azure Active Directory
🎤 Azure Security Center
🎤 Key Vault
🎤 Azure DDoS Protection
🎤 Azure Firewall
🎤 Azure Information Protection
🎤 Application Gateway
🎤 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
🎤 Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)
🎤 Azure Policies
🎤 Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
🎤 Lock resources
🎤 Management Groups
🎤 Azure Monitor
🎤 Service Health
🎤 Azure Advisor

☁️ Billing and Pricing
🎤 Service Level Agreements
🎤 Service Credits
🎤 Composite SLAs
🎤 TCO Calculator
🎤 Azure Marketplace
🎤 Azure Support
🎤 Azure Hybrid Benefit
🎤 Azure Subscriptions
🎤 Pricing Calculator
🎤 Azure Cost Management

☁️ Summary
⌨️ Booking Your Exam

Top comments (13)

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

This is Good Job. Thank for helping others to learn for Free. 😄

tonycimaglia profile image
Tony Cimaglia

I watched this video, and then I worked through the modules on Microsoft Learn and was able to pass the exam. It's definitely not something you can take and pass without studying unless you're VERY familiar with Azure and all of it's services already. One thing I will say: they updated the exam content on November 9th, 2020. The content in the video is still relevant. Just make sure to cross reference the video with the new skills measured which are listed here

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Is it Good if I skip AZ-900 and directly take AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam ?

andrewbrown profile image
Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

Depends on your previous background. If you've been working with Azure for a while now then you can proceed to associate level.

Entry-level certifications such as the AZ-900 with little to no experience with cloud services.

You can take any exam level, there is no long restrictions where you have to move up through the tiers

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Thanks, Any plans to make videos for AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure ?

jenc profile image
Jen Chan

Finally an alternative to those pesky unreadable Microsoft docs

andrewbrown profile image
Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

Technical Content Writers are purist and they have a personal logic when it comes to writing documentation which oddly is not great for public consumption. lol

michelemauro profile image

Documentation is written for the developer that is solving a problem: she probably already has an idea of what the solution should look like, and is hunting the details and the specifics of how Azure approaches that solution, and what is needed to make it work.
When learning, you have a completely different perspective, and often you don't have the general concepts needed to understand and navigate all the tools and objects. You may even need content that is not contained in the technical documentation because it is too general or simply doesn't belong there (and it will slow the developer down). That's what courses are for.

volkmarr profile image
Volkmar Rigo • Edited

Microsoft Germany offers 4 free virtual training days (in German) related to the AZ-900 certification. The dates are: 24.6.2020, 25.6.2020, 26.6.2020 and 30.6.2020. One benefit of registering is, that you get voucher for one free attempt to take the AZ-900 exam.

I attended one of the events of this series last year and managed to pass the exam. To prepare for the exam, I used these practiced tests which helped me a lot.

noahwilliam43546 profile image

I find this really helpful if you want Microsoft certified azure fundamentals practice test you can get from Study4exam in PDF questions & answers. And also available in the Desktop Application form. You can also download a free Demo of Microsoft certified azure fundamentals practice test

tonycimaglia profile image
Tony Cimaglia

This was really helpful for me and I passed the exam last Friday. One thing I will say, they updated the syllabus for the course on 11/9/2020. Almost everything in the video is still relevant but I would definitely cross check what's on the syllabus and what's in the video.

abhirupray13 profile image
Abhirup Ray

@andrewbrown Thanks for this free tutorial! Can you please share the PPT for this 3 hour lecture. Will help to reduce time taking notes.

pannyiot profile image

Hello, have you received the PPT? Can you please share with me. Thanks a lot!