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How to Create an AWS Account


This tutorial is a step by step walk-through on how to set up an AWS account.

To use any of the services available on AWS you must first create an account.

With an account you will have will be able to manage pricing, users, security, and can try the various services like the popular Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Step 1 - Navigating to create an acount

In this step, you will navigate to the
AWS Homepage and fill in the appropriate information to start creating your account.

  1. To start navigate to the AWS Homepage

  2. You can click any of the following buttons to create a new account:

    • Create an AWS Account
    • Create a Free Account
    • Sign up for free

AWS Homepage with three button options to navigate to Create an Account

  1. Next navigate to the Create an AWS account form and fill in the information with:

    • Your Email
    • Password
    • AWS account name of your choosing
  2. Click Continue.

AWS Create Account Form with email, username, and password inputs

Step 2- Contact Information

In this step you will fill in your contact information.

You can choose a Professional or Personal account type.

  1. Fill in the Contact information form. Fill in:

    • Your Full Name
    • Valid Phone Number
    • Country/Region
    • Address, City, State/ Province or region, and Postal code where valid.
  2. Agree to the terms of use.

  3. Click the Create Account and Continue button.

Contact information form with inputs for your full name, phone number, country, address and terms to agree too.

Step 3- Filling Out Your Payment Information

In order to use AWS you must provide a credit or debt card number.

  1. You need to fill out the Payment Information with a valid debit or credit card to use AWS.

  2. Once the information is filled in hit the Verify and Add button.

Payment information form for AWS

Step 4- Confirming Your Identity

  1. Add a valid phone number so you can confirm your identity.
    Choose Text Message or Voice call

  2. Fill in the Security check

  3. Click the Send SMS button to continue.

  4. Once the you receive the verification code fill it in and hit the Verify Code button.

Confirm Identity form on AWS create an account.

Step 5- Choosing a Support Plan

  1. Select a Support Plan
  • Choose the free Basic Plan Choose the free Basic Plan on the AWS support plan page ## Step 6- Signing In
  1. Click the Sign in to the Console button.

  2. Fill in your email and click Next

  3. Fill in the password and sign in to the console.
    AWS sign-in page after creating an account
    You should now be at the AWS Management Console.


In this tutorial you followed the steps to create an individual AWS account.

Now you can explore other topics like creating an IAM user, password policy, or checking out all of the AWS services.

The above these topics are covered in ExamPro's Certified Cloud Practitioner Course.

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Andrew Baisden

Great guide thanks for sharing.

drukey profile image

Thanks, but I've use my credit card in three different accounts but it wont AWS wont verify my card number and in AWS configure wont let me proceed. I'm stuck there. Help please.