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Manage a portfolio website with lots of projects – ortfo



I'm excited to share something I've been working on: ortfo, a collection of tools to make managing portfolio websites with lots of projects easier

Right now only ortfo/db exists, it's the "database" part. The idea is to describe your projects in markdowns files, that you can store alongside the projects themselves, in e.g. my-project/.ortfo/

Then, the CLI collects all those markdown files, plus any media file you reference in them, and creates an easily digestible JSON file with every project in it.

The tool has support for thumbnail generation, specifying tags, technologies (to say that you used e.g. Svelte for a project, FL Studio for a music album or oil painting for a painting), complex layouts (to put stuff pictures side by side for example), proeminent colors extraction, and more.

There's also an "exporter" plugin system to easily upload the resulting json file anywhere, or integrate with static site generators

I'm using it with go-templ to generate my own portfolio site, (source code is at

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