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⚔️ 7 Secret Weapons for Lightning-Fast Code Writing with VS Code

In the world of coding, speed and efficiency are key to success.

And as a developer, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference.

VS Code plugins are like superpowers for your coding workflow, giving you the edge you need to tackle any project with ease.

Here are 7 secret weapons for lightning-fast code writing with VS Code:

#1 - GitHub Copilot

Github Copilot

GitHub Copilot is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to enhance your coding experience.

It provides real-time, autocomplete-style suggestions as you code, making it easier and faster to write code.

The suggestions offered by GitHub Copilot are generated based on OpenAI Codex AI pair programming model, allowing you to benefit from the expertise of an experienced developer, even if you're working solo.

💸 Price: Paid with Free Trial

⤴️ Install

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#2 - Tabnine


Tabnine is a powerful AI code assistant designed to help developers write code faster and more efficiently.

Like GitHub Copilot, it uses AI-assisted code completion to provide suggestions and completions in real-time, as you type.

With a variety of code suggestions, code prediction, and code hinting features, Tabnine can help you save time and increase your coding velocity.

💸 Price: Free with Paid option plans

⤴️ Install

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#3 - Codeium


Codeium is a free code acceleration toolkit powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

Enjoy code completion in over 20+ languages with lightning-fast speeds and state-of-the-art suggestion quality.

Codeium provides unlimited single and multi-line code completions and support for popular programming languages such as Javascript, Python, and more.

Codeium also has a Discord channel to connect with the Codeium community for additional support.

💸 Price: Free

⤴️ Install

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#4 - Captain Stack

Captain Stack

Captain Stack is a code suggestion tool for VSCode that brings the knowledge of StackOverflow and Github Gist directly to your coding environment.

Instead of relying on AI, Captain Stack sends your search query to Google, retrieves the answers from StackOverflow and Github Gist, and autocompletes them for you.

Get the best of both worlds with the precision of StackOverflow and the convenience of auto-completion in VSCode.

💸 Price: Free

⤴️ Install

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#5 - IntelliCode


IntelliCode is a cutting-edge AI coding assistant created by Microsoft for Visual Studio users.

With its innovative team completion feature, it offers a unique solution for organisations with a Microsoft-centric architecture and remote developers who are already familiar with Visual Studio.

Trained on a curated selection of GitHub projects, IntelliCode has the ability to enhance the coding experience and boost productivity.

💸 Price: Free

⤴️ Install

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#6 - CodeWhisperer - Part of AWS Toolkit


CodeWhisperer is an AI-powered coding assistant created by Amazon. It was trained on billions of lines of code drawn from open-source repositories, internal Amazon repositories, API documentation, and forums.

At the moment, CodeWhisper is available in its preview version and can be installed on any IDE that supports AWS IDE tools.

To access its preview version, simply sign up and get ready to experience a new level of coding productivity.

💸 Price: Free (in preview)

⤴️ Install

🔎 Learn more

#7 - YouCompleteMe


YouCompleteMe (YCM) is a free and powerful autocompletion library designed specifically for Vim users.

It comes with several built-in completion engines and supports any protocol-compliant Language Server, allowing you to write code in practically any language.

While free and flexible, the setup process for YCM can be lengthy and complicated if you plan to use it to code in multiple languages. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, you will be rewarded with a powerful autocompletion library that can save you time and make coding faster and easier.

💸 Price: Free

⤴️ Install

🔎 Learn more

That’s it! Go be a coding superhero!

From your fellow ever-growing dev,

Cherlock Code

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