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Playing with Python in node

Good days of playing with 🔥 just to get burned are still alive. Just like playing with python in node and forcing the square in a circle. What an experience!

Just like that, 👻 has a lot of brain to injure.

Just wrote a quick package to tryout for 🏃‍♂️ python in a node environment.Can we argue, if this is native or just trying to be native? Guess it is for you to find out.

Hit that click on your computer and head to npm, search py-em-node. Found it already. Read the guide and try it out on your python project. Tiny video will be coming soon for a sample usage.



By default, I had it tested on a flask project. It worked amazing! Not really amazing like amazing but amazing 😅, Something is totally working...

Updates on testing

  • Works with FastAPI via explicitly controlling unicorn this way in your entryPoint like
# Import uvicorn at start of `entryPoint` file could be, or other

import uvicorn

if __name__ == "__main__":
# Configure to needs of project, this is the same as command on terminal or cmd"main:app", reload=True)
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  • Use python.config.json for py-em-node, python.config.tson has been removed from support

  • Documentation is updated to the latest version released.

All was needed was to setup python like the venv stuff and have requirements met.

Go check it out, if you have anything to ask or add, feel free to visit the repo on GitHub and create an issue or something good to make a difference.

Must have been a quick read, 👻 have already disappeared.

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