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Blending in with Pure-Blend

Going for a 1000 walk, floating with 1000 birds, Seeing 1000 things. Now that's blending in 🧬, becoming a part of something.

By far, the underrated package that will take a 1000 👻 years to be discovered. But good it is? That is for you to test out and be impressed!

This post won't be long, I leave the curiosity to you. 🤯

Here is some small feat to know about the package:

  • It is really a blend in package for node.js express
  • Dedicates itself fully on middleware becoming the middleman
  • Simply executes as configured
  • Hide all the 🗑 and keeps your code neat

Settle for this pure-blend. 100% freshly squeezed package written in typescript, supporting both JavaScript and TypeScript. From the valley of the Node.js and Express technologies. Early wind, that blew so hard, the early bird only had 100 gram of mass and skipped the fattest worm 🤣.

Check the package out from npm


Get ahead of time. Teleport to your Neo Matrix and reduce the workload.

1000 likes, 1000 types, 1000 more to drop.

I hope you like the package and find it useful.

Don't forget to do the basics. Like, share, comment and reach out to the Github Repo to support and like the project.

As always 🏄‍♂️ out.

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