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Benching Plan with emBench

Have you ever thought of expressing the node with some benchmark? How your API behaves, when you look away. 😂 Yes, it might put that GET into the cookie jar.

Without being too long, There is a package you might want to try and test out for you naughty API's.

It is designed for Express.js API's on TypeScript and JavaScript support. Very lightweight to keep everything under wraps. Basically, it runs when an endpoint is invoked. Gives the start, end and duration it took for the endpoint to do its magic.

em-bench - npm

emBench is a Node.js package designed to provide benchmarking capabilities for Express.js applications. Latest version: 1.0.5, last published: an hour ago. Start using em-bench in your project by running `npm i em-bench`. There are no other projects in the npm registry using em-bench.


Shoot in the dark, and hope you get target. Don't forget to do the basics.

Till never like next time. 🕊

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