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Camilo Martinez
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Cheap and safe webcam cover for MacBook Pro

I'm searching to improve my security covering the webcam from malicious intruders and I've searched for alternatives and found a lot of articles showing these little plastic webcam covers cause serious display damages on MacBook Pro.

Cover Damage

Apple reminds users that the camera is only in use when the green light indicator next to the webcam is turned on and reassures that the camera is engineered in a way that it cannot be activated without the light coming on.

But malicious hackers are not only the problem. If you are working from home, you also want to prevent those awkward mistakes during the conference calls.

Apple, says to use something with the thickness of a printer paper, which is around 0.1mm. You also shouldn’t use a cover that leaves an adhesive residue, and should you use something thick, always remove it before closing the laptop’s lid.

The answer isn't 42, is an apple, a real apple fruit.

Appple Sticker

Yes, those little and tiny stickers can be made of various products, though vinyl and plastic, but the most important thing is that don't leave an adhesive residue.

So I've decided to use it as a webcam cover and works perfectly. Can be easily removed to use the webcam on conferences and stick again multiple times.

Fruit Sticker

Alt Text

I know that it's not glamorous, but it's another way to reuse those none biodegradable stickers and not throw them directly into the garbage.

They Aren't exclusively for Mac, can be used in computers and mobiles from all brands.

That’s All Folks!
Happy Coding 🖖

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jen chan

Totally genius! So many problems solved!!!