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Alternative shortcuts to cut-copy-paste with Dvorak

equiman profile image Camilo Martinez Updated on ・1 min read

If you are switching from Querty to Dvorak, surely found an annoying behavior trying to use the most common shortcut for cut, copy and paste. They aren't together anymore 💔.


Some people may not know that there are other key shortcuts used by the ancients. This dark age where black screens and green letters reign the world before the mouse was invented.


But now, Dvorak users can rescue them from the museums and use them as an alternative.

Action Shortcut Alternative
Cut Ctrl+X Shift+Del
Copy Ctrl+C Ctrl+Insert
Paste Ctrl+V Shift+Insert

It works on almost any software, but if you also are a Microsoft Word user, need to make an extra step, enabling the Insert key.


That’s All Folks!
Happy Coding 🖖

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