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Make it fullscreen!

epranka profile image Edvinas Pranka ・1 min read

Hello everyone! ✋

The new app again! 🎉

Today I present the web app that helps you to create a fullscreen background of any color or image. You can use it to create the background or cover on a computer screen, projector, or any multimedia device. You can even make the green screen of your multimedia 🎥

👉 Check it out here: f11.now.sh

In the F11 app you have the three options:

  • Select the image by putting their URL
  • Select the custom color using the color picker
  • Select the color of presets

When you select your option which you like, the background comes to the screen. To toggle fullscreen mode press the F11 on your keyboard. To hide the instructions box, just click on it. To go back, press ESC on your keyboard or move the mouse to the right top corner of your screen.

I hope you will find it useful for you 😊

📃 Source code on my GitHub repository epranka/f11-app

Have ideas on how to improve it? Feel free to share it on the GitHub Issues 😏

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Feedback and questions are very appreciated! ❤️


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Great. It can be really useful in some situations!