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[App/OpenSource] Find the best runway for takeoff or land

Hi developers! 😍

Just released a new open source project based on my previous project:

The new project lets pilots to easily find the best runway for takeoff or land based on wind data.

Runway calculator app:

πŸ“– The source code: epranka/runway-app


On the main page of the application, enter the airport ICAO code from that you want to take off or land.

After entering the airport ICAO you will be redirected to the result page.

In the first part of the result page, you will see the airport name, last METAR update date, METAR data itself, and wind direction.

A little below is the main information: runway suggestions. All runways are sorted by two properties. In the first place, you will get all runways that have headwind, in the second crosswind, and the last tailwinds. Every group of runways is also sorted by cross-wind in ascending order. So the first runway in the list should be the best option because it should be with a headwind (if exist) and with a minimal crosswind.

And the last part of the page shows the minimal airport runways map. Green arrows show the headwind runways and the yellow arrows - crosswind runways. Also in the background, you will see light blue arrows which represent wind direction.

Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated! 😊

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