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NetBSD basic internet configuration


In this part i'll show you how to enable NetBSD dhcp daemon for internet connection. Most of the time there is already a dhcp service in your network (your router, virtualbox). So there is no need for manual ip configuration.

If you need to set manual ip configuration for your network or enabling dhcp daemon did not work for you, please visit this website for more information: Setting up TCP/IP on NetBSD in practice


1- Start and login to your system.


2- Switch to root user with su command.


3-Open /etc/rc.conf configuration file with vi program.


4- At the end of the file, add dhcpcd=YES configuration and save the file.


5- Restart your system with shutdown -r now command.



6- When your system starts again login and try to ping google with command ping . If you are getting any response, you're connected to internet.


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