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πŸ”₯ Howl β†’ C# beyond ASCII

Today's a milestone in Howl development as the symbolic notation engine / dev platform is in alpha on Github, with a CLI and macOS, Linux, Windows 'one line installers'

You may find it here:

So what is it, and what can you do with it?

Howl is a terse symbolic notation for OOP programming; the best way to explain it is probably showing source code. Today I'll pick an innocuous looking example (for a change):

β€’Μ₯ β”ˆ ExportAll(){
    🐰 "Convert *.howl scripts to C# γ€œ (;Ο‰;)";
    ExportDir("Assets/", verbose: βœ“);
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β€’Μ₯ β”ˆ stands for public static void (Howl input is available in Atom via the language-howl package; type C#, get Howl)

For small projects, you may compile, run and deploy howl source via the howl CLI; or export to C# and setup your own pipeline.

There is also a Unity 3D integration

The Why

I wanted to away the red tape / verbosity of (mostly) pedantic, strongly typed languages. After a couple of weeks using over 100 symbolic notations... well; it is a different, and (to me) mostly pleasurable and productive experience.

Throughout, I noticed that programmers where amused and possibly interested whenever I showcased code samples. So I am putting extra effort (Big 'X') in making the platform available to others.

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