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🔥 dotnet add package ActiveLogic

Active Logic (AL) is now available as a nuget package, yay.

Was having a look wondering how to explain this neat library to developers on Specifically I got to thinking okay, how would we do an async web request in AL?

Perhaps something like:

Console.WriteLine( HttpGet("URL") );
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I'll have another look to make sure this isn't off by a mile (I mean, yea sure, now that we have a nuget package I should probably make a sample app).

What the above does not get wrong, is how AL does async without callbacks.

〜 Going to call it a Sunday.

You may also find AL on Github and it isn't really a new thing either. I see an initial commit in July 2019, which probably was migrated/squashed from an incubator. Got 100% coverage on November 23rd (2020), which felt... anticlimactic?

Have my cake, and eat it 🎂

Image: Arecibo Observatory (from Wikipedia)

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