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Make a Tarot Card Game in Unity (Free Tutorial)

Whether you’re simulating a tarot card reading or deploying a mobile card game on iOS, Android and web, [echo3D](\) makes it easy to do this by simply updating in the echo3D cloud.
Objects are called at runtime so you can focus on other things…like honoring the reading of the tarot cards and improving your life.

Click this link or scan this QR code to see The Fool in AR.


Don’t have an echo3D account? Register for FREE at echo3D.


Unity 2020.3.25f1


  • Clone this repo, see the full README
  • Import the Unity SDK
  • Add the assets to the echo3D console from the Unity ‘Models’ folder
  • Uncheck the Security box in your console
  • In Unity, open the SampleScene scene
  • Drag the echo3D script to all objects under “Card” (0TheFool — 4Emperor)
  • Add the API key and entry ID for each object in the Inspector

  • In the Hierarchy, make sure to the boxes are unchecked for the Sprite Renderer for each object
  • Adjust the metadata in the echo3D console so it matches the spawn points in the Hierarchy


  • Press Play in Unity. Click “Draw” 3 times to distribute the cards. Click on each card to move it to the Discard pile. Cards will automatically disappear. Do that until there are 0 cards left in the Deck.

Switch Out Assets

  • Find new asset in the echo3D console (You can upload your own or choose from our library)

  • Get the API key and entries ID

  • Swap them out on the echo3D script in the Unity Hierarchy and see your assets change when you run in Play mode

Learn More

Refer to our documentation to learn more about how to use Unity and echo3D.


Feel free to reach out at support@echo3D.coor join our support channel on Slack.


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echo3D (; Techstars 19’) is a cloud platform for 3D/AR/VR that provides tools and network infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy 3D apps, games, and content.

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James Murray

Hah cool, building a "Free Love Tarot" Website led me into DEV to help with coding...Didnt realise it was so popular a project :)