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Create & Export 3D Models to echo3D with the MagiScan App

echo3D is excited to announce a new integration with MagiScan, the leading mobile 3D Scanner App Powered by AI for creating 3D models from real-world objects. This partnership allows you to seamlessly export your MagiScan creations directly into your echo3D 3D content library, unlocking a world of possibilities for your 3D content.

Revolutionizing 3D Creation and Management

Credit: MagiScan

MagiScan empowers users to capture the details of everyday objects with their smartphones, transforming them into high-quality 3D models. With the echo3D integration, you can now:

  • Effortlessly Streamline Your Workflow: Skip the manual upload process and seamlessly send your MagiScan creations directly into your echo3D library.

  • Boost Your Creative Power: Access a suite of powerful editing tools within echo3D to refine your 3D models, unlock their full potential, and bring your ideas to life with augmented reality.

  • Unlock Cloud-Based Storage: Store your 3D models securely and access them from any device, anywhere in the world, with echo3D’s robust cloud infrastructure.

  • Collaborate and Share Easily: Share your creations with colleagues, clients, and the world with just a few clicks, making collaboration and feedback a breeze.

Who Benefits?

This integration is perfect for creators of all kinds, including:

  • Businesses and entrepreneurs: Create high-quality 3D models of your products for marketing, design, and development, saving time and resources.

  • Game developers: Easily create game assets that can be imported into Unity or Unreal Engine or games like Minecraft and Roblox.

  • E-commerce websites: Increase online sales by adding augmented reality virtual try-on’s to your online store with your 3D models.

  • Artists and designers: Capture the essence of your physical creations, whether sculptures, artwork, or product prototypes, and turn them into stunning digital assets.

  • Educators and students: Bring learning to life with interactive 3D models, making classroom experiences more engaging and impactful.

Getting Started is Easy:

  1. Download the MagiScan app in the App StoreorGoogle Play Store

  2. Sign up for your free echo3D account (if you don’t have one already)

  3. Create your 3D model in MagiScan: Use the app’s intuitive interface to scan and capture any real-world object.

  4. Select “Export to echo3D”: With a single click, your model will be securely transferred to your echo3D 3D content library. Simply add your API Key & Security Key to your account when prompted.

  5. Start creating: Access your 3D models within echo3D and unleash your creativity with our powerful 3D asset management & editing tools, cloud-based storage, and more. All echo3D users get access to 5 Free Scans!

3D Asset Creation and Management Made Simpler

This partnership between MagiScan and echo3D marks a significant advancement in the world of 3D asset creation and management. By offering a seamless workflow and powerful 3D developer tools such as 3D conversion, 3D compression, version control and more, we empower creators to bring their ideas to life with ease and efficiency.

We invite you to explore the endless possibilities of this integration and start creating 3D content for your projects today!

For more information:

  • Visit the echo3D website

  • Visit the MagiScan website

  • Why you need a 3D asset management platform for your 3D models:

    echo3D ( is a 3D digital asset management (3D DAM) platform for developers & companies to store, secure, edit, and share 3D content in real-time across their organization and beyond.

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