Transforming Tech Recruiting into a meaningful platform

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After seeing several posts about recruiters and the lack of knowledge needed to properly submit the right candidate to the correct job, I wondered if there was anything else Engineers wished recruiters would do better? As a recruiter, I strive to be the best for both the client and candidate, please help me build a better experience!

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The best experiences I have had with recruiting firms have been when the person I am working with has had long, meaningful conversations with the hiring manager about generally what they are looking for rather than just a checklist of attributes. They then spend the time to get to know me beyond my attributes and then use their instincts to coax the two parties into a relationship.

I believe the main issue with the tech recruiting industry is it is dominated by the practice of management by numbers. Spreadsheets are used to classify, grade, and match candidates rather than making real human connections. If that is the only service a recruiter provides, LinkedIn is far more efficient and cost-effective for all parties involved.

I suspect that the only recruiting firms still around in 20 years will be the ones that have adopted a model more similar to a dating service than applying a simplistic matching algorithm based on arbitrary attributes with subjective measures of experience. As it stands, the current system is sub-optimal at best, and at worst treats candidates like cattle to be graded on fat and protein content.

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