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Software Engineers and QA

eaustin88 profile image Erica Austin ・1 min read

If you just got off of work and opened a beer to forget the crappy day you just had, at your mediocre job, this is for YOU. If you haven't gone to bed yet because you haven't tracked all the bugs, although you're still waiting for them to track down your raise...? Or if tomorrow is payday...and you aren't even excited...let's talk, because it's time for a change my friend. The best New Years' Eve resolution is to find growth in your career! Fall in love with your career again with one of the many opportunities we have open at TSG! Message me if you are a Software Engineer/Developer or a QA in the Brookfield/Milwaukee area, as well as Chicago! No more end-of-day-beer-blues, what a waste. Come toast with TSG and let us show you your path to growth and success!


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