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Starchart: release 0.1 planning

This week, after some discussion, a plan was made for release 0.1 of starchart. This involved getting an initial app setup using Remix's blues stack so that people could code on top of it. Next step involved creating some issues which could be addressed in release 0.1 release 0.2 and some for further releases. As I am mostly focused on front-end and testing, I created the following issues:

The first three issues are the ones that I plan to address in the next few days for release 0.1, which would be next Friday. These could be done in any order but I think setting up Chakra UI with Remix should come first since this would allow the use of Chakra UI components for building the pages.

This could be followed by adding jest and playwright for testing. Part of this also involves removing any unneeded dependencies that the Remix blues stack comes with, such as Cypress, which is another end-to-end testing framework.
Adding a healthcheck route could also be done in release 0.1 or release 0.2. This would be a /healthcheck route that returns a 200 response with a message stating that the server is running.

The other issues would take longer to address. The user domain management page is supposed to be a page which allows users to view and manage their existing domains. This page also links to the domain creation page, which has a form to allow creation of new domains.

The admin dashboard would serve as a place for admins to view all the certificates, domains, and users. This also includes the ability to search and filter through this data, and update any records. Some aspects of the user dashboard could be reused for this page as well.

Adding these pages requires a design to be created first. One such issue is being worked on to create designs for user dashboard pages using figma (#36 Create user dashboard pages design).

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