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Starchart: Milestone 0.7

This past week, I worked on a bunch of small issues for starchart to improve our UI experience, fix some bugs, and update test configuration:

  • We needed some new scripts to setup a test database to use when running automated tests. This basically involved copying the existing setup script and changing the database url (PR)

  • Some updates were needed for our vitest configuration. These were mostly small changes, and also another script to add a coverage report for unit tests. This also raised some discussion on adding coverage for out end to end tests. (PR)

  • A UI change to hide the DNS Records table if none exist for the logged in user. Instead, a create button is displayed in the center. (PR)

  • Another UI for the DNS Records table to disable the renew record button if the DNS record expiry date 6 months from now or beyond. (PR)

  • A change to improve the accessibility of some links on the landing page. This was needed as the light blue color didn't provide enough contrast. (PR)

Another issue that I have been working on but was not able to finish the last week is to handle the fact that users can be deactivated. This involves checking for a user being deactivated in multiple places throughout the code as a user could be deactivated while a some jobs are running to update DNS Records, etc.

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