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Starchart - Milestone 1.0a

Last week, I worked on a bunch of things for our 1.0a (alpha) release:

  • Adding end-to-end tests for DNS Records
    We were missing a large amount of tests for the DNS Records page. This included checking for different types and values of DNS Records when creation so that only valid values for different types can be created. It also included checking that all values were saved properly, checking edit functionality and delete functionality (PR)

  • Preparing for Remix v2
    This was to deal with multiple depreciation warnings as some of the remix specific stuff such as routes, meta tags, ErrorBoundry and CatchBoundry, and the formMethod will change in v2. Therefore, we decided to update to the new methods (PR)

  • Improving DNS Records table responsiveness
    The DNS Records table does not look good on small screens. This was to create a better layout for mobile screens. Further PRs would be created to tackle the view for tablet screens and other screen sizes. I basically ended up using Chakra UI's Show and Hide components to use a different layout on mobile (PR)

  • Small fixes for some test flakiness (PR), and adding a missing * in emails (PR)

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