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Starchart: Milestone 0.8

The last week I worked on some additional features for starchart, which are summarized below:

  • Fixing DNS Record expiry date - PR. The expiry date was always set to July, and thus you could end up with a record created in December which expires in July.
  • Adding checks for deactivated users - PR. This was needed as we don't want to allow deactivated users (users who are being deleted) to perform any actions. Most of the work here involved looking at the routes and actions, and adding checks where needed but it ended up being a small change.
  • Attempting to add coverage report for playwright e2e tests - Issue. This issue was created after adding coverage report for unit tests which use Vitest. Playwright does not have a coverage option but we found a possible npm module that could be used for this - playwright-test-coverage. However, after some research, I found that the module requires babel-plugin-istanbul. Since we use remix, we decided that it was not worth the effort to try to add babel plugins to remix as it would risk causing new problems. Apart from this, I spent some time reviewing PRs. You can find the changelog here.

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