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Day 717 : The List

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Left for the station a little later than normal so I didn't really get a chance to do much before heading into the station. We did the radio show. I had a good time as usual. Then I got the recording of the show ready and uploaded and updated the site. Drove to my parking spot, ate dinner, and then worked on my side project and went to sleep. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of 2 photos with Lance Reddick on the left and Bobby Caldwell on the right with the words Mar 18th 2023 Ayoos

  • Sunday : So, I did my study sessions at Got quite a bit done. I installed some programs that I use for the radio show onto my Chromebook and tested it out to make sure it works. I'm going to carry my heavy laptop one more time to the station as a back up if the Chromebook doesn't work. Also made some progress on my side project. I ordered some juices and stuff to be delivered later this week. I decided that I want to get a better set of headphones for travel. Did a bunch of research, read reviews, and watched some videos and made a decision and put in an order. Afterwards, I watched "Trigun: Stampede" and a couple of "Spy x Family" episodes before going to bed.

  • Professional : Had a couple of meetings. Spent the rest of the day working on a proof of concept demo. It's using a set of Web Components I made and updating them the same time I build the demo. Some developers have given feedback on the Web Components and I'm implementing them as I work on the demo. Whenever I can, while working on the demo, see if there is anything on the list of feedback that I can add to the Web Components. Made a couple of changes to a Web Component and used it to help me with some layout stuff in the demo. I went down a rabbit hole trying to get the layout the way I want it depending on certain criteria. Spent a lot of time playing with CSS :is and :has. I've never used them before and lost all track of time. I was able to get it to work in the end!

  • Personal : Looking forward to getting the headphones I ordered. All the reviews say they sound really good. I like that they are both bluetooth and can use a cable. I'll be able to use them (hopefully) with the camera glasses I use to watch anime. My plan is to use them to watch movies on long flights. I'll have a huge screen with the glasses and great sound with the headphones. Since they can be used with a cord, I can also use them with my radio show. It's more expensive than any headphones I've purchased before, but I should be getting a lot of use out of them. The microphone on it sounds really good also so I can use it for phone and video calls.

A dirt road through the country side with some trees and shrubs of Tagamanent, Spain with mountains in the distance under a cloudy sky with sunlight shining through the clouds

Running a little behind because I got lost in the sauce of CSS working on the layout of the demo for work. Going to eat dinner, work on the radio show, pull data from my database and start showing it on some pages. After that, I want to watch the new episode of "Vinland Saga" and maybe a couple of "Spy x Family" episodes. I've been meaning to watch "Swarm", but Amazon Prime video does something weird to where I can't watch it with my glasses and I'm too lazy to set up the projector and screen. haha We'll see.

Have a great night!

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