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Day 669 : Siesta

liner notes:

  • Saturday : There was a basketball game happening during my radio show's time slot so I decided to do the show online from my van and not drive to the station. Everything worked really well. I bought a bluetooth adapter for my recorder and was able bring in my cohost over the phone. Previously, I had to do stuff with wires and sometimes it wouldn't work. Had a good time. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a screenshot from Family Guy with a person holding a newspaper from the Quahog Informant with the headline Petoria Invades U.S. with Peter Griffen sitting in a pool chair with the words Jan 7th 2023 Hootie Hoo

  • Sunday : Did the study sessions. Got a bunch of stuff done. Watched the first episode of the new "Trigun Stampede" anime. Not bad.

  • Professional : Pretty chill day. Had a quick meeting. Spent the rest of the day publishing and adding a new Web Component I made to some sample applications. I also communicated with some other team members about updates to the documentation.

  • Personal : I got new side project to a place where I can show it to folks that I want to get involved. While I'm waiting to hear back, I going to work on integrating a payment system. I've been meaning to check out Stripe. I think they have a way of getting up and running quickly. Going to research to see if I can get it working the way I'll need it to.

The mountain chain of the Dolomites, Italy poking up above the clouds

Going to do more research on adding payment to my side project, maybe see if I can set up a test app. Will probably call it early and watch the new episode of "Vinland Saga" then catch a siesta.

Have a great night!

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