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Day 489 : December

liner notes:

  • Professional : Meetings. That's it. That was my day. haha.

  • Personal : Went through a bunch of tracks for the radio show. Planned out version 2 of a website I've got. Played around with my camera some more. Think I'm going to pick up an iPad Mini to be able to connect and operate my streaming cameras. These companies always seem to put more effort into the iOS apps. haha The iPad Mini seems like it will be a good size for what I'll be using it for. We'll see. Hoping for a sale. haha.

Overhead photo of a beach at Big Sur, CA, USA with large rock formations sticking out of the ocean

Came across this challenge where if you deploy a site with a certain provider in December, they will donate money to an organization that helps people get into tech. I've got a project / demo I used for a talk earlier in the year. I may get a domain name and deploy it this weekend. Tonight, I'm going to go through some more tracks and then watch another episode of "Cowboy Bebop". It's pretty good.

Have a great night!

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