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Day 486 : Golden

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Actually the the show at the station AND on air! haha Won't last long because basketball is happening and pretty much conflicts with the show for like the next 4 months. haha We'll still be streaming the radio show online though. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a photo taken in the studio booth at the radio showing show the mixing board, computer monitors, a mic, a phone and the WPRK logo etched in glass with the words November 27th 2021, For Real

  • Sunday : Had a pretty productive day. Did the cyphers and got a project I've been messing with actually working. I celebrated by watching an episode of the live-action "Cowboy Bebop"!.

  • Professional : Today, had a couple of meetings, but spent most of the day working on updating blog posts. Need to get them done by Wednesday.

  • Personal : So I bought a few items that I'll be using on projects in the upcoming year. I'm going to start building out the applications so I can get a running head start once the new year happens. These projects will be some of the coolest things I've built in a minute.

Aerial photo of a mountain range with some snow under a blue sky with a few clouds with a couple of lakes in the valley surrounded by green plains in Turin, Italy

Whew, these longs breaks keep getting me used to not posting blogs. haha It could also be that it's getting dark earlier and it just slips my mind after work. Going to try and get ahead with updating the blogs. If I can get that done, I'll be golden. Well see. Going to watch another episode of "Cowboy Bebop" and call it a night.

Have a great night!

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