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Day 254: Storm Comin'

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Can't believe it's Wednesday already! Wow! Going by so fast. Got up early to take part in a Talk Prep session. Then I went back to sleep so I could get some rest before doing another live stream show. We spoke about the Video API, showed some sample code and I got to talk about and got to demo some of my side projects that use the API. Good news is that everything worked! haha We were worried if we would be able to fill the full time. We had no problem. Every time I do a live stream, I get super tired. haha I had to take a nap. Got up and then started working on the documentation for the SDK. Pretty exciting day.

  • Personal : So last night, I wanted to see if the Structured Data (to help with SEO) I set up for each event in my side project actually worked now that it is deployed. Nope! haha So I spent the night basically using Google's tool: to squash any errors it found. I ran into a pretty big issue where the Start Date need the timezone, but the data I had didn't really have it in the right format, so basically I had to transform what I had into a form that worked. Had to do some math, convert to a string, splice and replace some characters. haha Felt good when the site passed the Google Tool. We'll see if it helps with SEO and ranking.

Kluane Nat'l Park, YT, Canada landscape with forest in the foreground and mountains in the background

Since half the week is basically over, I need to get the recording of the last show to the radio station so they can play it on air this weekend. While I'm at it, I'll probably go through tracks for this week. Maybe think more on the design of my next side project. Really want to get that started and ready to go in the new year. Going to take some planning to launch it. So there's supposed to be a storm coming from earlier in the week. The whole week has been really cloudy and windy. Had a lot of Tropical Cyclones warning alerts on my phone. Good thing I'm in the back of my folks' place to kind of protect me from the wind.

Have a great night!

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