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Day 207: Black Panther

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liner notes:

  • Saturday : Got the horrible news that Chadwick Boseman had passed away. Damn. The impact that he and 'Black Panther' had on myself and so many people was immense. To find out that he had been really sick for a long time, but still released a bunch of movies is amazing. Rest In Power. Also found out that Cliff Robinson of the Portland Trail Blazers passed away. We spoke about those things and more on the show. The recording of this week's show is at After the radio show, I checked out a dope HIPHOP event that was streamed online.

Radio show episode image of Chadwick Boseman with the words August 29th 2020 and F*** 2020

  • Sunday : Helped look over a friend's resume and gave some feedback. Watch the Movement for a People's Party convention live stream. Had some really good speakers. Did a little research on the side project.

  • Professional : Today I found out how to fix an error on a pull request I did last week. It passed all the tests this time. Nice. Worked on a new Web Component. Also wrote out a script for a promo video I'll be putting together this week.

  • Personal : Got most of the things I need to put solar panels on top of my van's roof. Waiting on the rack that will hold the solar panels to the top of the van. The website said I would have gotten it on Friday. Nope. Got an email that says it was shipped. If I knew I wouldn't be getting it the next day, I would have just had it shipped to my parents' place like all the other stuff. Never ordering from them again! haha.

Green cliffs surrounding a cove that opens into the ocean in County Clare, Ireland

About to leave my parents' place and back to my parking spot. I'll probably stop off and get some food on the way. Going to work on my side project some more. There's some things I want to try. About to head out, was waiting for traffic to hopefully not be too bad.

Have a great night!

peace piece
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