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Day 194: Care Packages

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Sat in on a couple of talk prep sessions. Had a virtual hangout with some team members. One is from Canada and it was interesting to hear how their country handled the Covid-19 thing. So different from the US. Other than that, I was working on my sample application using the Web Component to make a phone call. I got that to work. I created another Web Component to be a contacts list. After making a phone call, a dialog box pops up asking if you would like to save the number. If you do want to, you must enter in a name and then you can save the contact. That goes into the Web Component and gets saved to the local storage of the browser. I got it so that if you click a contact in the list, it will fill in the keypad's display so you can just hit the call button to make the call. No need to enter in the number. Everything works, but I'm having an issue with loading the Web Components. I'm using Material Design Web Components for styling and it looks like a library is being added twice and that causing an error and not loading one of the Web Components. I saw some similar issues posted not even a couple of days ago. The Material Design Web Components is listed as experimental. haha I'll figure something out

  • Personal : Last night, I got the radio show recording edited and sent to the station. I went through some tracks for this week's broadcast. I worked on the canvas of my side project and got the text and images where I wanted. Problem is that I can not switch between the scenes. One scene only shows the image and not the text. Weird. I was able to get it to switch previously, but it was a different way. Instead of showing and hiding parts of the canvas, I actually changed the text and re-positioned it on the canvas. I'll figure it out.

Coast of Jacksonville, Florida

Really want to figure out that canvas issue I'm running into. I've been learning way more that I thought I would about the Canvas element. haha. Maybe go through some more tracks for this week's radio show and continue packing. Also got some more care packages in for the van.

Have a great night!

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