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Day 168: Get Up, Stand Up

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liner notes:

  • Friday : Had the day off since it was Fourth of July the next day. Don't really celebrate because people that looked like me weren't part of America gaining its independence. So I worked on my van. I'm making window coverings. They can go for over $1200! Nope. So I got some magnets, Reflectix,and a black table cloth and got to work. Finished one window and it actually works! Also did some coding on my side project.

  • Saturday : Got up a little earlier to work on my van's windows before the radio show. Got a little bit done. Not as much as I would like. Did the radio show. Lately, doing the show has been a place I can release frustration. haha Florida's new covid-19 cases seems to keep going up. Breaking records like 3 times a week! You've got police officers mocking a person they murdered like a few weeks earlier! I don't know. So yeah, the recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of 3 police officers mocking the murder of Elijah McClain with the words July 4th 2010, #AllCountriesMatter

  • Sunday : Spent more time in my van. Got all the magnets cut for the window frames and coverings. Just need to cut the Reflectix, glue on the magnets, and cover with the table cloth. Finally did my taxes! Actually going to get some money back. Finished up some post radio show work. Worked some more on my side project. Got it hooked up to Firebase Functions and getting a session from OpenTok. Pretty productive day.

  • Professional : Had a couple of meetings today. Went well. Got to show a co-worker a web app I made to help her with her live stream show. Came up with some other features that would really make it easier to do her show. For the rest of the day, worked on those features and also looked into the feedback left on my pull request for the Web Component I pushed to the repo last week.

  • Personal : Been watching this anime called "DoroHeDoro". It's about a person who had their head turned into an alligator by a sorcerer and his journey to figure out who, why and how to get it reversed. Pretty wild stuff.

Overhead view of a beach in Painted Trail Cove, Oregon

It was raining after I finished up with work, so I didn't really get to work on my van. I did order a floor liner for the van. Want to try and keep it as clean as possible. Already got some scuff marks and I'm thinking with the aluminum framework, it may scratch it a lot. Thing is that it may throw off the measurements I took earlier so once it comes in, I'll install it and retake them. For the rest of the night, I'm going to continue working on my side project. Getting pretty close to finishing up the dashboard.

Have a great night!

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