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Day 162: Sad

HIPHOP and CODE radio show: personal/portfolio site:
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liner notes:

  • Professional : I was able to get the Web Component I've been working on to load on CodePen. Had our larger team meeting. Good to see everyone. Also had a meeting with my manager to talk about goals for the 3rd quarter.

  • Personal : Last night, I submitted the radio show for this week to play on the radio station airwaves. Also went through a bunch of tracks for this week's internet show. Also started up the starter project for a new side project. I'll be using Sapper which uses Svelte.

Looking up at the night sky through some trees in Lapland, Finland

Sigh...Saw the video with Elijah McClain. Makes me sad. Found out that it happened LAST YEAR! Makes me furious! Learned nothing happened to the police officers. Doesn't surprise me.

Have a great night and be safe!

peace piece
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