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My Contributed Projects

Projects that I've proofed my valuable😁 contribution are listed down here as a series. Most of them are group projects done in university life and some of them have only my individual contribution where I'd done them to learn new technology and to became a pro🙊.

The series of project contains the both web application and mobile application where each of them have good background.

My starting point...

BTW my first application is a website, developed at age of 15 by force of a school IT teacher to learn the basics of HTML and CSS. And the same teacher taught me the Visual Basics 6.0 which is too odd now to study and made a simple calculator (only addition and subtraction😅 {It was too hard since no passionate, and done for teacher's power of mouth}). But I got big "A" for that thanks to teacher.

Then I wasn't developed any for two years since I chose to become a medical officer👩‍⚕️ to treat all kind of people no matter who visits me. But the thing was that I had to learn not only about humans body but also plants body where my brain was started to explode and crashed down. Eventually brain capacity exceeded😪.

While learning plant's structure I turned into other two subjects: chemistry🧪, and physics which had the complex logic and invisible world theories. Then path changed for Electrical Engineer...Chemist...?!

So, life keep changing my future when I was a teenager. But myself decided to change my life forever. Life got changed at age of 19 to become a Software Engineer which I'd never figure out to be.


I entered the university for my higher studies. And then realized what I born for💀. Contribute to software. This is the life I wanna be. Coding for 24/7 hrs no matter what😊.

But failing😓.. trying.. winning🏆.. has become a part of a my life now. It's a cycle🌀. No chance to loose that cycle.
Anyway I never think to stop coding even though I'm able to get free swags.

My ultimate goal is to keep society happily by contributing the software.

Keep contributing🤗

So, let's get started!!✨

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